Automatic Tax & GST

Put away the crystal ball.

Know exactly how much tax you owe with okke's automatic tax calculations.
How can Okke help you?
  • Always know how much you owe

    Unexpected tax is a killer.

    Stay ahead of your liabilities with okke’s our automatic tax calculator. All your transactions can be easily sorted into different tax types – meaning you can end the financial year knowing exactly where you stand.

  • Create BAS Reports and more

    Tax reports don’t have to be scary anymore.

    If you’ve kept your income and expenses up to date, okke creates all your reports in a click so that you can smash your tax.

    Create Invoice reports, Profit & Loss, Sales Reports and more all within okke.

  • Share instantly with your accountant

    Your accountant will love you, and keep your books in tip-top shape, when you given them direct login access.

    You can say goodbye to risky password sharing. Protect your sensitive data with secure individual logins for you and anyone you invite – at no extra cost!

Tip top tax tools:

Turn GST on/off

Depending on your business, you can toggle GST.

No more GST calculations

Automatically add GST to invoices, inventory and more.

Securely share your data

No more password sharing – invite your accountant or business partner securely

Create more than a dozen reports

Create Transaction Reports, Profit and Loss Statements and more in a click

One dashboard with everything

See your tax liability instantly on the dashboard

Customise your categories

Enjoy the flexibility of creating custom categories to suit your business.

One low price. Everything you need.

Grow your business with a tool built just for you.

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Other Tax and GST questions

  • You can toggle GST on or off depending on what your business needs are.