How it works:


okke is packed with simple - yet ingenius - ways to better manage the money side of your business.

Easy invoicing that saves you time.

Get your invoicing running smoothly, without unnecessary complexities.

✔ Unlimited: Send as many invoices and quotes online as you need.

✔ Customisable: Add a logo to send professional, personalised invoices.

✔ Reminders: Automatically highlight any late payers.

✔ Get paid: Offer your customers fast and secure online payments.

Get paid faster, now!

Use clever tools to keep your customers happy (and paying their bills).

✔ More ways to pay: Offer your customers multiple payment methods, so can you get paid faster.

✔ Pay-in-a-click: Add a ‘Pay Now’ button to your invoices for fast, easy digital payments.

✔ Automated: Let okke record and reconcile digital payments as they’re received.

Track your expenses,
without the cost.

Connect unlimited bank accounts to automate your income and expense tracking.

✔ Instant: Connect your bank to instantly import transactions.

✔ Organised: Sort your transactions into easy-to-use categories.

✔ Save time: Stop manually recording your expenses and income.

Effortlessly organised bookkeeping.

Let okke keep track of your cash flow so that you can focus on business.

✔ No learning curve: Simple bank reconciliation that doesn’t require training.

✔ Snapshot: Get a clear, easy-to-understand overview of your business’ health to help you make better decisions.

✔ Like a pro: Take the hassle out of bookkeeping by connecting directly to your bank.

Complex reporting - made simple.

Keep the ATO happy when tax-time rolls around.

✔ Automatic: Save time by auto-calculating and tracking GST on all your transactions.

✔ BAS: Simplify your Business Activity Statement (BAS) report into one click.

✔ Tax-ready: Keep accurate records to make the end of the financial year a breeze.

✔ Seamless access: Give your accountant their own secure login access to streamline your tax-time.

Collaborate in a click

Join forces with your accountant to keep your books in tip-top shape. At no extra cost!

✔ Instant: Invite your accountant or business partner to give them immediate access, in just a few clicks.

✔ Secure: Say goodbye to risky password sharing and protect your sensitive data with individual logins.

✔ Flexible: Manage exactly who has access to your business (and make any changes at any time).

Get started right now!