By Stuart Taverner November 14, 2023

Our Story (so far)

Birthdays are a time for reflection.

But, more importantly, they’re a time for unashamed, self-aggrandising promotion.

So, to mark our 1st birthday, we plan on doing a bit of both.

How it all started

It all began with one question: How can we make working for yourself as simple, intuitive and uncrappy as possible?

That’s the question we ask ourselves every day. It’s what keeps us up at night.

Why do we care? Because after working with small businesses for more than 30 years, the team behind okke got sick of seeing sole traders continually get the short end of the stick.

Let’s face it, what should be the simplest possible business structure ends up costing most Aussies hundreds of hours on financial admin and hundreds more dollars on clunky accounting software.

It’s our mission to build a better way.

There's something about simplicity

okke was designed as an alternative to the oversized, overcomplicated and (in our opinion) overpriced accounting systems that are out there for sole traders.

In its first year, okke has helped thousands of Aussies send better invoices, get paid faster, easily track their cashflow, and prepare for a seamless financial year.

By taking advantage of cutting-edge automation, but keeping a laser focus on you, the sole trader, okke is a tailor-made software solution that removes the painful financial admin that’s normally part of running any business.

In some ways, it’s what okke is not, rather than what it is that makes it special.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s built with all the things you need – and none of the things you don’t.

Who are we?

Despite only being one year old, okke is built on a deep foundation going back more than 30 years.

Okke was founded by Money Management Group (MMG), an Adelaide software company that has evolved from a revolutionarily simple bookkeeping book (back in ye olde 1980’s) to a modern agile software company.

Throughout decades of change, one thing that has stayed consistent for MMG has been the singular focus on taking the pain out of finances for regular Aussie small business owners.

What's in a name?

Contrary to popular belief, okke’s name is more than just an ambiguously pronounced collection of four letters. It represents everything that’s at the heart of what we do!

okke comes from the middle letters of ‘bookkeeping.’

From our name to our software, we’re all about simplifying things and cutting out all the unnecessary stuff.

Looking back, and forward

Looking back at the last year, a lot has changed both for the okke software and our growing community.

Throughout the year our developers have been hard at work adding new and exciting features to the software, including:

  • Digital payments on invoices
  • Unlimited invoice sends
  • Automatic unpaid invoice follow-ups
  • NDIS-compliant invoices
  • Connected Bank Feeds
  • Much more

Plus, we’re not ready to rest on our laurels. okke is under constant development to make sure that we’re always delivering on our goal of making working for yourself as simple, intuitive and uncrappy as possible.

We’re even baking up some deviously clever upgrades to okke that are set to be released very soon – so stay tuned for those.

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