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okke is designed just for your sole trader and solo professional clients.

In fact, businesses that use okke keep better records, spend less time managing their books, pay a fraction of the price, and make money easy!

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okke is so easy, it allows me to spend more time on my creative work and less time doing the boring (but always important) admin and billing.
Rachel E.
Rachel Eckert Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely, the software is in active development and there will be ongoing support and improvements. That’s one of the main reasons we have started our Accountant Community – to get insights from the people that best understand exactly what solo business owners need. Sign up on the form above.

  • No matter how small the business is, we know that getting your money right matters! But, for a lot of self-employed business owners, paying for expensive, tacked-on, ‘small business’ accounting software doesn’t make any sense.

    okke is designed by Aussies, for self-employed Aussies, to give them everything they need (nothing more, nothing less) for a price tag that’s seriously affordable.

  • Yes! For a limited time new users can try okke for exactly $0 upfront.

    Plus, there’s no lock-in, no tricks, and no hidden commitments. Creating an account and getting started is quick and easy.

  • okke takes data security very seriously. We uphold the secure development standards in the Digital Service Provider (DSP) Operational Security Framework (OSF).

    This framework is designed by the Australian Tax Office to protect Taxation Accounting, Payroll and Superannuation related data and systems for the Australian Community. Our security systems help to protect okke users from identity theft, tax fraud and system hacks.

  • Firstly, we’ll be sad.

    But, like everything else in okke, doing this is easy. You can freely cancel your subscription at any time – however cancelling will mean you will lose access to your data at the end of the billing period. For more information about terminating your subscription, please see the Terms and Conditions.

  • I’m glad you asked! We actually have the Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy and Fair Use Policy right here for you to enjoy.